Source code for stsynphot.wavetable

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst
"""Module to handle ``stsynphot.config.conf.wavecatfile`` table,
which is used by ETC to select an appropriate wavelength set
for a given observation mode for count rate calculations.


import warnings

import numpy as np

from astropy import units as u
from astropy.utils.exceptions import AstropyUserWarning

from synphot import units

from stsynphot import exceptions, stio
from stsynphot.config import conf

__all__ = ['WAVECAT', 'WaveCatalog', 'load_wavecat']

# This is NSPEC-1 in IRAF SYNPHOT COUNTRATE calcstep.x.
# NSPEC was hardcoded to 2000 as the number of bins into
# which the wavelength set should be divided by default.
_N_SPEC = 1999.0

# Will be initialized by load_wavecat()

[docs] class WaveCatalog: """Class to handle ``stsynphot.config.conf.wavecatfile`` initialization and access. Input file is parsed with :func:`stsynphot.stio.read_wavecat`. For each observation mode, its wavelength table is defined by filename or parameter string. When it is accessed with :py:meth:`~object.__getitem__`, the string is replaced by the actual wavelengths array. If filename is given, it is parsed with :func:`stsynphot.stio.read_waveset`. Parameters ---------- fname : str Wavecat filename. wave_unit : str or `~astropy.units.Unit` Wavelength unit. Attributes ---------- file : str Wavecat filename. wave_unit : `~astropy.units.Unit` Wavelength unit. lookup : dict Maps observation mode to corresponding wavelength table filename or parameter string. setlookup : dict Maps individual components of observation mode to its string. Used for partial matching. """ def __init__(self, fname, wave_unit=u.AA): data = stio.read_wavecat(stio.irafconvert(fname)) self.file = fname self.wave_unit = units.validate_wave_unit(wave_unit) self.lookup = {} self.setlookup = {} for line in data: obm = line['OBSMODE'] coeff = line['FILENAME'] self.lookup[obm] = coeff self.setlookup[frozenset(obm.split(','))] = obm def __getitem__(self, key): """Fairly smart lookup by observation mode. If no exact match, find the most complete match. """ # Find exact match try: ans = self.lookup[key] # Find the next most complete match except KeyError: ans = None # Try a set-wise match. # The correct key will be a subset of the input key. setkey = set(key.split(',')) candidates = [k for k in self.setlookup if k.issubset(setkey)] n_match = len(candidates) # We may have 1, 0, or >1 candidates. if n_match == 1: ans = self.lookup[self.setlookup[candidates[0]]] elif n_match == 0: raise KeyError(f'{setkey} not found in {self.file}; ' f'candidates: {str(candidates)}') elif n_match > 1: setlens = np.array([len(k) for k in candidates]) srtlen = setlens.argsort() k, j = srtlen[-2:] # It's really ambiguous if setlens[k] == setlens[j]: raise exceptions.AmbiguousObsmode( f'{setkey}; candidates: {str(candidates)}') # We have a winner else: k = candidates[srtlen[-1]] ans = self.lookup[self.setlookup[k]] return ans @staticmethod def _calc_quadratic_coeff(coeff): """Calculate quadratic coefficients from parameter string.""" coefficients = coeff[1:-1].split(',') n_coeff = len(coefficients) c0 = float(coefficients[0]) c1 = float(coefficients[1]) c2 = (c1 - c0) / _N_SPEC c3 = c2 if n_coeff > 2: c2 = float(coefficients[2]) c3 = c2 if n_coeff > 3: c3 = float(coefficients[3]) nwave = int(2.0 * (c1 - c0) / (c3 + c2)) + 1 c = c0 b = c2 a = (c3 * c3 - c2 * c2) * 0.25 / (c1 - c0) return a, b, c, nwave def _waveset_from_parstring(self, coeff): """Get wavelengths array from parameter string.""" a, b, c, nwave = self._calc_quadratic_coeff(coeff) i = np.arange(nwave, dtype=np.float64) return (((a * i) + b) * i + c) * self.wave_unit
[docs] def load_waveset(self, obsmode): """Load wavelength table by observation mode. If no exact match, find the most complete match. Parameters ---------- obsmode : str Observation mode. Returns ------- par : str Matched filename or parameter string. May be exact or closest. waveset : `astropy.units.quantity.Quantity` Corresponding wavelength set. """ par = self.__getitem__(obsmode) if par.startswith('('): waveset = self._waveset_from_parstring(par) else: waveset = stio.read_waveset( stio.irafconvert(par), wave_unit=self.wave_unit) return par, waveset
[docs] def load_wavecat(wave_unit=u.AA): """Convenience function to update ``stsynphot.wavetable.WAVECAT`` global variable with the latest ``stsynphot.config.conf.wavecatfile``. Parameters ---------- wave_unit : str or `~astropy.units.Unit` See `WaveCatalog`. """ global WAVECAT WAVECAT = WaveCatalog(conf.wavecatfile, wave_unit=wave_unit)
# Load default wavecat file in Angstrom. try: load_wavecat() except Exception as e: warnings.warn( f'Failed to load {conf.wavecatfile}: {repr(e)}', AstropyUserWarning)