stsynphot.stio.read_comptable(filename, tab_ext=1)[source]

Read component table file (regular or thermal).

Table must contain the following named columns:

  1. TIME - Useafter date and time in the format of MMM DD YYYY HH:MM:SS (str)

  2. COMPNAME - Component name, usually a combination of instrument/detector and filter names (str)

  3. FILENAME - Path to corresponding throughput file in the format of path_var$filename (str)

  4. COMMENT - Comment (str)

See Component Table (TMC, TMT) for more details.


Component table filename. If suffix is not ‘fits’ or ‘fit’, assume ASCII format.

tab_extint, optional

FITS extension index of the data table. This is ignored for ASCII file.

dataFITS_rec or Table

Data table.