Source code for stsynphot.tables

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst
"""This module handles graph and component (optical or thermal) tables."""

import numpy as np

from astropy import log

from stsynphot import exceptions, stio
from stsynphot.config import conf
from stsynphot.stio import get_latest_file, irafconvert

__all__ = ['GraphTable', 'CompTable']

[docs] class GraphTable: """Class to handle graph table. Table is parsed with :func:`~stsynphot.stio.read_graphtable`. All string entries will be converted to lower case. Comment column is ignored. Parameters ---------- graphfile : str Graph table name. ext : int, optional FITS extension index of the data table. Attributes ---------- keywords : array of str Keyword names. compnames, thcompnames : array of str Components names (optical and thermal). innodes, outnodes : array of int Input and output nodes. primary_area : `astropy.units.quantity.Quantity` or `None` Value of PRIMAREA keyword in primary header. """ def __init__(self, graphfile, ext=1): self.primary_area, data = stio.read_graphtable( get_latest_file( irafconvert(graphfile), err_msg=('No graph tables found; functionality will be ' 'SEVERELY crippled.')), tab_ext=ext) # Convert all strings to lowercase self.keywords = np.array([s.lower() for s in data['KEYWORD']]) self.compnames = np.array([s.lower() for s in data['COMPNAME']]) self.thcompnames = np.array([s.lower() for s in data['THCOMPNAME']]) # Already int self.innodes = data['INNODE'] self.outnodes = data['OUTNODE']
[docs] def get_next_node(self, modes, innode): """Return the output node that matches an element from given list of modes, starting at the given input node. If no match found for the given modes, output node corresponding to default mode is used. If multiple matches are found, only the result for the latest matched mode is stored. .. note:: This is only used for debugging. Parameters ---------- modes : list of str List of modes. innode : int Starting input node. Returns ------- outnode : int Matching output node, or -1 if given input node not found. """ nodes = np.where(self.innodes == innode)[0] # No match if len(nodes) == 0: return -1 # Output node for default mode defaultindex = np.where(self.keywords[nodes] == 'default')[0] if len(defaultindex) != 0: outnode = self.outnodes[nodes[defaultindex]] for mode in modes: index = np.where(self.keywords[nodes] == mode)[0] if len(index) > 0: outnode = self.outnodes[nodes[index]] return outnode[0]
[docs] def get_comp_from_gt(self, modes, innode): """Return component names for the given modes by traversing the graph table, starting at the given input node. .. note:: Extra debug messages available by setting logger to debug mode. Parameters ---------- modes : list of str List of modes. innode : int Starting input node. Returns ------- components, thcomponents : list of str Optical and thermal components. Raises ------ stsynphot.exceptions.AmbiguousObsmode Ambiguous mode. stsynphot.exceptions.IncompleteObsmode Incomplete mode. stsynphot.exceptions.UnusedKeyword Unused keyword in mode. """ components = [] thcomponents = [] outnode = 0 inmodes = set(modes) used_modes = set() count = 0 while outnode >= 0: if outnode < 0: # pragma: no cover log.debug(f'outnode={outnode} (stop condition).') previous_outnode = outnode nodes = np.where(self.innodes == innode) # If there are no entries with this innode, we're done if len(nodes[0]) == 0: log.debug(f'innode={innode} not found (stop condition).') break # Find the entry corresponding to the component named # 'default', because thats the one we'll use if we don't # match anything in the modes list if 'default' in self.keywords[nodes]: dfi = np.where(self.keywords[nodes] == 'default')[0][0] outnode = self.outnodes[nodes[0][dfi]] component = self.compnames[nodes[0][dfi]] thcomponent = self.thcompnames[nodes[0][dfi]] used_default = True else: # There's no default, so fail if nothing found in the # keyword matching step. outnode = -2 component = thcomponent = None # Match something from the modes list for mode in modes: if mode in self.keywords[nodes]: used_modes.add(mode) index = np.where(self.keywords[nodes] == mode) n_match = len(index[0]) if n_match > 1: raise exceptions.AmbiguousObsmode( f'{n_match} matches found for {mode}') idx = index[0][0] component = self.compnames[nodes[0][idx]] thcomponent = self.thcompnames[nodes[0][idx]] outnode = self.outnodes[nodes[0][idx]] used_default = False log.debug(f'innode={innode} outnode={outnode} ' f'compname={component}') components.append(component) thcomponents.append(thcomponent) innode = outnode if outnode == previous_outnode: log.debug(f'innode={innode} outnode={outnode} ' f'used_default={used_default}') count += 1 if count > 3: log.debug(f'Same outnode={outnode} over 3 times (stop ' 'condition)') break if outnode < 0: log.debug(f'outnode={outnode} (stop condition)') raise exceptions.IncompleteObsmode( f'{modes}, choose from {self.keywords[nodes]}') if inmodes != used_modes: raise exceptions.UnusedKeyword( f'{str(inmodes.difference(used_modes))}') return components, thcomponents
[docs] class CompTable: """Class to handle component table (optical or thermal). Table is parsed with :func:`~stsynphot.stio.read_comptable`. Only component names and filenames are kept. Component throughput filenames are parsed with :func:`~stsynphot.stio.irafconvert`. Parameters ---------- compfile : str Component table filename. ext : int, optional FITS extension index of the data table. Attributes ---------- name : str Component table filename. compnames, filenames : array of str Component names and corresponding filenames. """ def __init__(self, compfile, ext=1): data = stio.read_comptable( get_latest_file( irafconvert(compfile), err_msg=('No component tables found; functionality will be ' 'SEVERELY crippled.')), tab_ext=ext) = compfile self.compnames = np.array([s.lower() for s in data['COMPNAME']]) self.filenames = np.array( list(map(stio.irafconvert, data['FILENAME'])))
[docs] def get_filenames(self, compnames): """Get filenames of given component names. For multiple matches, only the first match is kept. Parameters ---------- compnames : list of str List of component names to search. Case-sensitive. Returns ------- files : list of str List of matched filenames. Raises ------ stsynphot.exceptions.GraphtabError Unmatched component name. """ files = [] for compname in compnames: if compname not in (None, '', conf.clear_filter): index = np.where(self.compnames == compname)[0] if len(index) < 1: raise exceptions.GraphtabError( f'Cannot find {compname} in {}.') files.append(self.filenames[index[0]].lstrip()) else: files.append(conf.clear_filter) return files